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January 25, 2010

A change of wallet over Christmas (from a dog-eared school trip relict into a sleek, black leather number) has required dealing with a stiff stack of folded receipts and bank statements. Nestling in amongst the crisp, faded receipts is the small business card of Greens’ Dining Room, surely one of Bristol’s best restaurants, where I ate a fantastic meal in the late autumn. I moved to throw it in the recycling along with the rest, but something held my hand back, feeling it should be kept. Not because I need the contact details – they are easy to get on the web – but because it feels like a token of inspiration: a reminder of the meal and a focus for thoughts.

I carry around a notebook all the time, frequently noting down ideas and recipes in it. But sometimes it is not words that inspire and neither is it always easy to put inspiration into words. Food is about aesthetics as well as taste, and perhaps a postcard, a photo or a sketch is what sparks an idea for a meal. As a writer, I naturally reach for the pen and paper to keep track of what I am thinking, but perhaps I can take an idea from designers and collect things which inspire to make a cork-board-collage – a visual way to collate snippets and hopefully a way to synthesise ideas.

And that is what I intend to do, once I’ve found a cork board. Greens’ little green card can be the first to hit the cork.

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  1. Anon permalink
    January 26, 2010 22:33

    I am pleased that you are no longer too busy thinking to write.

  2. March 25, 2010 10:43

    Cork boards very cheap in IKEA! Great to read this, I love working with the food industry and sometimes getting the aesthetics across to a client so absorbed in the taste factor can be difficult – I may quote from this on occasion. Cheers.

    • March 25, 2010 20:20

      Thanks, I got one from WHSmiths in the end, starting to collect stuff for it. Glad you enjoyed it!

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